Various cartoons I've drawn over the years.

Some were done on paper and scanned. Others were done with a Intuos tablet and pen. Nowadays, I tend to work on an iPad, using MediBang Paint and an Apple Pencil.

Super Bowl LII

Bernie, or f*** everyone.

Vote. It matters.

Lincoln was shot. In the head. And died.

Very stable genius.


If you can't make fun of racists, who can you make fun of?


During the 2012 election cycle.


Apologies to Christopher Walken.

Apologies to everyone.

On the skids.

What really matters in the end.

Happy Holidays! (I send this one to Republicans.)

Salt of the Earth.

... he said, sheepishly.




Drawn during the Bush years. Seems relevant during the Trump years, too.

Back when Blackberry was still a thing.