I'm Brian Clapper.

I'm a middle-age professional computer nerd; a dad; and an amateur photographer, cartoonist and calligrapher. I used to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but that turns out to be bad for the knees.

Professional Miscellaneous


Stuff about my work and career.

You can check out my company, ArdenTex, Inc.. I used to work full-time as an independent consultant, billing through ArdenTex.

These days, I work as a Staff Data Engineer for Databricks.

You can visit my LinkedIn profile, if you wish—though, to be honest, I'm finding LinkedIn to be high noise and low value these days, so I log in there very infrequently. I also have a StackOverflow Careers page, but I don't exactly update it very often. If you want to see my background, you're probably better off just going straight for my résumé or my ArdenTex profile.

I've also done some videos. Some people like them.

I build and maintain some open source software. Once in awhile, someone (besides me) actually uses one or two things I write. Some of it showed up in the iPhone at one point.

Miscellaneous self-indulgent tripe

Feel free to browse some of my cartoons. There's also this story I wrote about a summer job I had when I was 18. I also wrote a silly spam poem from selected pieces of junk mail.

I have a blog that I rarely update.

Contact me

Yeah, it's a bad idea to put my email address on a web site, because spammers. But my spam filters are pretty good. Besides, my email address has been out there for years now, so it really doesn't matter.

Feel free to contact me at bmc@clapper.org.